Saturday, January 26, 2013

Beads, A Love Affair

Beads have been a part of my life since I was old enough to make things.  Plastic Pop-It beads were the first, a gift from my Mother's Uncle Hans and his wife, Aunt Gladys. 

Eventually I began collecting glittering glass beads from everywhere I traveled.  I love using my beads in the art I make.
Seeds and bugles...
...lustrous iridescence...

...matte and shiny...

...all shapes and sizes.

Some seem to glow from within.  This one reminds me of candy.

You really can't have too many

or ever decide the best way to store them!

 My Mother and I have had many happy hours together making beads and sewing with them.

I love beads!  
Have a visit with The Fairy Yellow Bug Queen and check out some other interpretations of this week's drawing challenge, Beads.


  1. This made me laugh Sus

    Image after image of glorious beads and then the obvious statement....."I love beads!" heeheehee really? heeheehee

    Those first ones look like candy mmmm I love the greeny glass ones the best.

    Great beads Sus have a good weekend.

    Give that Flossie dog a big hug from me.

    Helen x

  2. I believe beads have been something that have brought joy to so many mothers and daughters and sisters and friends. Your bead story and pictures are wonderful. Especially love the heart! Beautiful.

  3. what a wonderful post!
    I love beads too
    and use them in my bird-portraits
    but, you know that
    there is a tiny store
    in a village close by
    with drawers full of beads
    I just love to go there
    and look
    with a smile

    Patrice A.

  4. Oh my...what a tremendous diversity of beads! I think I never saw so many various and beautiful beads in one place except at beads seller stores! ;o)
    No surprise you love beads, I love the beads-heart even more!


  5. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM ! what richness !
    (lovely heart ;-) !!!)

  6. I want to eat the ones in the last photo! Scary, huh? I love this post and beads :)

  7. Love your bead heart. I LOVE beads, too! Have a great week. xoxo

  8. i am NOT joking when i say that i have *many* of those beads myself, sus!! i guess it shouldn't be a surprise that we have the same taste in beads... : )


  9. you certainly have a lot of colorful wonderful beads.. I can tell you love them very much. have a creative fun new year.

  10. I like the hearts, and this heart is especially beautiful!

  11. i have a few beads in my cupboard of creative goodness
    your beads look lovely
    i want to run my hands through them
    like a kid in a candy store


  12. so wonderful! I love the green ones and the beautiful heart!

  13. This post brought back memories for me, Sus! I remember seeing rows and rows of those glass vials in the stores and shops back in the day. One does not see the real glass vials any more and when I chance upon one or two in a bag of miscellaneous things in the second hand store, my heart skips a beat. I put them places because they are so beautiful. They make the beads look magical. I find them laying in my sewing basket, or a box of crafts, or laying amongst a pile of pencil crayons. Once in awhile the cork is missing but I buy the bag anyway.
    I enjoyed hearing and seeing your memories as well (not specifically of the glass vials, but of beads per se) and just love your art that has included beads. I'm dreaming of a little book that is made of papers and fabrics and hand stitching and of course, beads. Perhaps a sequin or two...
    Your art inspires me to pursue the visual that I have in my head. We will see. *smiles* Norma, x

  14. could get really lost in all these beads! what a wonderful thing to do on an afternoon :)

  15. i can see what you mean Sus, eye candy your collection, and all the stories hiding, what i always liked... you recognize the real bead lover on their sparkling eyes when they look at them, x


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