Saturday, January 12, 2013

Snake 88 DC

'Snake 88' pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 'epsilon'
As those of you who know my work may understand, snakes are an important symbol of wisdom and power for me.  I enjoyed exploring their graphic possibilities in this drawing challenge brought to us by the talented and engaging Ariane, founder of the Drawing Challenge, of which this is No. 88.  Please make sure you drop over for a visit to more snakes at Ariane's beautiful blog.


  1. Sus, this is a clever composition of snakes! You rocked it. xo

  2. Ha, ha, ha used the word that came to my mind as well...CLEVER.
    88 has never looked better Sus! I love the altar, frame, construction that they are housed in. Awesome. Spiritual. Beautiful art. *smiles* Norma

  3. Snake and 8, both highly symbolic! Very good idea to bring both together!

  4. Wow! I had no idea there have been so many! How wonderful to participate in such a long standing challenge :) and your marker of it is really oroborous!
    (had to look that up)

  5. HA ! year of the snake is coming ! Good for you, Sus ;-)
    8, like the lemniscate and orobouros biting his own tail ...

  6. beautiful symbolic snakes dear Sus...everything connected, turning seasons... and i like to see your quiet moonlit night as the obvious time to experience and consider that, xx

  7. orobouros....
    I had to look that up!
    I like your drawing very much
    the blue and green
    my favorite combination
    the moon
    and 88, wauw....

    Patrice A.

  8. what I great idea!!! They are beautiful!
    orobouros... yes, you remind me, thanks.
    hope to meet you and your fantastic art at the next d.c.,
    may I invite you?
    x Stefanie

  9. Ahh, an orobouros! dear Sus,
    fantastic! A double one... and the '8' as an symbol for infinity...! and of course the number of this dc! Magnificent!
    Its a sort of female wisdom shimmering here. Is it the moon... or Lilith...

    To each saint his candle, I am not the grounder of this challenge, its Elisabeth from Sweden, Garnapa or earlier Textilspanieln. I am only the guard ;)

    Thank you for playing!
    x Ariane.

  10. Hi Sus, yessssss we have snacks in BC. There is the friendly garter snake found almost everywhere. There are also rattle snake and the false rattle snake (both in the Okanagan area) Those are the only ones I've ever seen in BC. Will have to look that up. xo C

    1. Ha ha, I just reread this to see that I typed snacks when I meant snakes in the first sentence! We have snacks too but it was snakes I was referring to. Ha ha ha that's what I get for replying to you just before bedtime! Later gater. xo

  11. What a great combination of snakes and the 88th drawing challenge. You are right the snakes have also symbols for wisdom and often we forget their beauti.
    ♥ Sabine

  12. great idea and beautiful painting!
    and flossy and cedar are so cute!
    :-) mano

  13. clever , working 88 into these BB's {bendable beauties...}
    ps - i've had to look up the ouroboros, you know.. now, i see.

  14. great idea!
    and a good year to come!


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