Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Report From Flossy

I have been in an end-of-the-winter funk.

The snow-baths are gone, replaced by endless cold rainy days.

Life seemed very dull indeed.
THEN: on a recent Saturday,

 the sun broke through and my People decided we would have a dinner picnic!  I was thrilled!

We went Out the Road to one of my favorite streams, where Dad could try a few casts for some fish.
Actually, fishing is sort of boring.  But there are some interesting accoutrements.

Dad opened a tiny jar of very interesting smelling stuff: salmon eggs.

I was fascinated, and couldn't resist a closer examination!


The jar fell down the bank and Mother said it was time for me to come back to our camp for my dinner.

We had everything we needed, including my Dog Food, but Mother had forgotten to bring my Bowl.

So, she made me a plate from a piece of bark!  How pleasantly rustic.

I hope you and your families are able to get out and enjoy the season.
(I recommend the salmon eggs)!


  1. Good girl Flossy thanks for starting my day with a smile.

  2. I love Flossy's report -- "How pleasantly rustic"! BeeGee and I send her (and you) many hugs. Hope May brings lots more dinner picnics!

  3. We're glad mom figured out how to get Flossy out of her funk.

  4. Happy dog, I'm glad to see you get out and enjoy the great outdoors (sans rain)!! I'll pass on the eggs, but the beans look swell. Be seeing you, love Norma, xo

  5. So nice when the dog finally has her day! Looks like you all had a lot of fun too!! :)

  6. Your sweet Flossy is soooooooo much like my dear Isla. Flossy is a Sheltie, yes? Isla is 3/4 collie with a bit of Australian Shepherd in the mix, but quite small for a female collie. Such similar white ruffs! Is Flossy's ruff as soft as rabbit fur??? Isla's doesn't *match* the rest of her fur and is softer than anything else on her. You have set me to wondering what she would do with salmon eggs ... but I sure know what she would do with a makeshift bark plate ~ ignore it ;>]]

    Loved this post, Sus ... makes me want to start a blog just for tricolors ;>]]

  7. Cute story! I can imagine that a perfect day for your dog! I would have enjoyed, too! ;o)
    Btw, I am hosting our next drawing challenge. May I invite you?

  8. Hi sus, what a extremley cute story and cute dog - best greeting from Yumi, we had a bbq yesterday as well and one sausage fell done, so she was happy too.
    Wish you a nice and sunny week, celebrate the end of winter!

  9. Hey Flossy
    I wish you a good time like this again and again
    say hello to your family
    x Stefanie

  10. One can always find something interesting and mood elevating on a walk in the woods. I love the photo with the flying sparks. It does remind me a bit of my own trajectory right now!

  11. Ohhhhh Flossy ! You all had a WONDERFUL day out !
    (bet you were grateful for the fine weather !)


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