Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Library

Our town is small – the only town on a small island...
...accessible only by water or air...

...and 60-plus miles from the nearest community of any size.  

 People here are commercial fishers, for the most part.

We just got a new pavement on Main Street this summer.
This fall we will be getting a new library.   
The old library will be closing for good this Friday. 

Since long before I moved here the library has shared space in the 1960’s-vintage municipal building. That's it there on the second floor, left corner.

The night deposit bin.

Flossy is a frequent visitor.

The facility is small, crowded, worn, heavily used...

 ...well loved.

Flossy calls the library the town living room.

 The new library will be fabulous when it opens in late September. 
Flossy is hoping that there is an position on the staff for official mascot so she can continue to go along with us to check out books as there will be no dogs allowed in the new library, alas.


  1. I think Flossy as mascot is a wonderful idea for what is going to be a wonderful space! So excited that it will be open to the public for business soon.

  2. Wow, I didn't realise that you live on a small island. I was going to say that you are even more remote than we are, but thinking about it perhaps that isn't true. I am immediately closer to more towns and population, but you are in North America and not at the bottom of the world on a large continent with a low population.
    Fascinating to read about your town and new library. Coincidently one of our small towns just got a new library about 3x as big as the old one. You are right, it is fantastic.

  3. You are quite tucked away there! Sweet looking library, hope the new one is well loved, too. Too bad about Flossy no longer being welcome.

  4. Good morning, Sus! Flossy looks so happy at the library, as does the little boy. Libraries are some of my favourite places. Wherever we go we always search out the library. I hope your new one will be as comfy and happy as this one. Our downtown branch is air conditioned so I've been visiting it during the hot times of the day to cool down a bit! Happy week to you. xo Carole

  5. What a beautiful story. I am excited about the paved main roadway. It looks great. And, a new bigger library means more books. Way great!!! I am sad about Flossy being banned from entry however. Things change hey? The whole idea of 'book' makes my world go 'round. Paper, ink, illustrations that you can hold up close to experience, pages that speak to you, and especially the idea of knowing that many many many folk have held the very same book and had an experience with it. Three cheers for 'the book' ~ hip, hip, hurrah! Norma, x
    p.s. I was out walking yesterday and noticed a big outside wall of a new building under construction and I noticed in gigantic letters on the product covering the whole wall, TYVEK. My eyes are open to this stuff now. Funny hey?

  6. I hope flossy will be the mascot of the new library - she looks so happy between all the books!
    your town is really small, but I love to have a walk with you and flossy in the morning - thank you for the beautiful pictures!
    :-) mano

  7. I had no idea you were THAT remote. I'm sure there'll be a spot for Flossy. Have a great weekend!

  8. our library used to look like this, I loved it. but for the past six months it is in a temporary place while it is being rebuilt. I miss it...



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