Sunday, July 14, 2013

Completing Some Work

My sewing machine put in many miles this week.  What fun to begin completing the gelliplate monoprints created this winter. 
gelliplate monoprints on cotton, January 2013
My Mother gave me a  Gelliplate for Christmas and I've spent many many hours happily printing in the months since.  I'm printing on both paper and cotton, captivated by the rich surface textures possible with the medium.
my design wall in February, 2013, with Gelliplate monoprints 'fermenting'
 I've ended up with quite a stack of prints (to put it mildly).  This week I got busy bringing closure to the lot done in January on cotton.  I am using stitching (by hand and machine), painting, beading and prismacolor pencils to develop the images first revealed in the prints.

 Before stitching, I fuse the untrimmed images to felt using Mistyfuse - with out a doubt the BEST fusing material I have found.

 None of these little guys have titles yet, but there is time before they leave the studio.

 Sometimes I have to live with them for awhile before they give up their names.

These are all quite small, averaging around 6" in height.  
After the machine stitching is completed, I trim the piece and bind it with rat tail cording or other fiber using a zigzag stitch.

I am back in the groove machine stitching again and look forward to moving on to the larger images this week.  Our summer weather came back meanwhile. 
 Hope you have an outstanding week ahead!


  1. Dear Sus,
    your artpieces here are outstanding! Marvellous... every single one! wow!
    You are very busy, no? and that with this summer weather...

    Wish you a happy week, my friend :)

  2. These little pieces are just priceless -- I totally love them. I love the way you use the same images repeatedly in your work. Right on, sus!

  3. these are beautiful! love the dimension the stitching adds. I keep thinking about using my gelli plate .... but too many other things on my plate right now. Hopefully I will get there - your pieces are very inspirational.
    I too am smiling with the return of summer temperatures.

  4. beautiful!
    I love them all together, looks very attractive!
    x Stefanie

  5. love the stitch. These are coming together nicely!!

  6. I'm always captivated by the colors, your weaving of images together, combinations of fabrics and wonderful and careful stitching. Looking forward to seeing the final creation!

  7. The rat tail cording grabs me fiercely Sus! The name alone sends me. But wow, look at that finishing edge. I've not 'seen' this before. It's out there and yes my eye has surely wandered past it but I've not stopped to actually examine and appreciate it. This rat tail name stopped me in my tracks. What a name. What a thing. What a great thing. I want to use something like that to edge paper pieces. You know...zig zag my way around the edge with some sort of rat tail. Love your work. Love it. N, xo

  8. It's wonderful to see where you've gone with these ~ there is so much I love about them! One is your edging style ... am not usually fond of machine stitching but your method is very effective (and not overly "tidy" ;>]]

  9. every single of your work is beautiful! I'm looking forward to new ones!
    :-) mano

  10. these are absolutely wonderful.
    thank you for sharing how you made them, i would have never guessed.


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