Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Nose

I posted last week about progress on The Nose - commissioned as a carnival game for our local radio station KFSK's Kiddie Carnival on the Fourth of July.  Here are a couple more shots of the process:

I began with chicken wire, bending it to a nose-shaped armature and stapling to the pre-spray-painted  4'x5' sheet of plywood.
 Working with paper mache is something I really love.  My favorite paste recipe is as follows:
1 1/2 parts flour
1part cool water
1/4 part white (PVA) glue
Put water in a mason jar, dump in flour, put on the lid and shake well to blend, then add glue and shake some more.  Mixture should be consistency of thick cream.

The finished Nose - a bucket of small toys will be placed within reach of those toddlers brave enough to reach their hands up into the Nose.
Credit for this concept goes to the radio station' talented staff - I was just the maker.

Happy Independence Day tomorrow, those of us living in USA.
(Flossy can't wait for the Dog Parade and Variety Show, and may be posting her report here)!




  1. I'm sure that will be a big hit!

  2. a nose ... is a nose ... is a nose ... (wasn't it something like that ?)

    Dear Sus, have a nice day tomorrow ... and lost of succes to Flossy
    in the Parade !!!

  3. Great! : –––)

  4. Hey this is great!!!!
    funny funny funnyyyyy!!!!!:)


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