Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stitching Continues (Until Morale Improves)

At my studio, work on finishing the monoprints on cotton continues.  The process is such fun - drawing with my sewing machine to develop the imagery in each print.
'Misty Morning' - gelliplate monoprint with machine stitching, 11"x8"

'Summer Smoke II' - gelliplate monoprint with machine stitching, 6.25"x5.5"

'Twenty' - gelliplate monoprint with machine stitching, 6.25"x4.75"
For these prints, I used a combination of Akua-color monoprint ink, Golden Open acrylic paint and regular Liquitex acrylics bought on sale.  My preference is the Golden Open acrylics, but I am learning the ropes with the Akua-color inks which are quite thin and are best applied in a very thin layer.  (If you ask me).

Off to the Mighty Mighty Day Job and then I am back to stitching.  What are you up to this week in the way of creating?


  1. oh that looks beautiful, those colours are great! I still want to learn how to use my sewing machine...on my to do learn list:/ it feels weird that I can't use it.... so this week I try something new, before I learn that:-P

  2. Hi Sus, thanks for the tour around in town and the library !
    Obviously a place which people love to come to ! A warm
    creative and loving place !!!
    I love how you highlight the gelli prints with your stitching !
    Looks more like a misty (moonlit) night to me ... lovely !
    Hmmm that twenty in a hand glass ... (wish you were still ?)

  3. These are really wonderful, love them!!

    I'm doing some work in the garden and yard... behind because of TONS of rain and then a few weeks of waaaayyyy too hot and humid - that's where my creativity is going today and tomorrow. I WAS going to go into the studio, but today was just TOO nice, so, played studio hookie and worked outside.

  4. really beautiful!
    this week I style summer postcards for my friends with my own patterns. do you like to get one? mail your adress to me!
    :-) mano

  5. Sus, these are just gorgeous! the first one is especially cool. how do you like the Akua inks? I bought some,but haven't tried them yet.

  6. Such control you have with your sewing machine, Sus! The colours and atmosphere you've achieved in Misty Morning really captures its title. Lovely work.
    I will be down stairs in my cool painting and visiting friends on the shaded patio this week.
    xo Carole

  7. Sus, I love your way of "drawing" with sewing machine such perfect and delicate lines! I have been drawing with pencils and pastels this week enjoying sunny summer days. x Leena

  8. Wow, I love these, especially misty morning.....


  9. What a delight you have created with your monoprint and stitches! Delightful!!

  10. Do you just use regular cotton muslin? I have been making monoprints on paper but would like to try fabric next. Any suggestions?

  11. Very beautiful images!! I do a lot of monoprinting, but have never thought of trying it on fabric.


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