Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bed and Board - DC

Oh, Rose - what a challenge you gave us!  Bed and board!  I thought I had a concept when I signed up but then decided it didn't really grab me, so - back to the drawing book! 

Fortunately, when I sat down to draw last night there was a beginning already there from the night before:
This time of year, sleeping can be interrupted by night time insect visitors.  An Alaskan-sized mosquito can make the night very long with her annoying high-pitched buzzing and threat of attack.
'Bed and Board' - pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 gamma sketchbook

 I hope you are not plagued with such pests when you lay down to rest!  Maybe you can find a bit more quiet night of bed and board over at Ariane's lovely blog.  Lots of other artists are linked there!


  1. Dear Sus,
    right today, early in the morning a wesp, a young small one, was lost into our bedroom. I couldn't sleep with its wander around buzzing... so what to do? I confess... I had homicidal ideations... but, the good angel on my right shoulder whispered in my ear: safe the wesp. So I went reeling to the kitchen, grabbed a container from the table and a postcard... Back to the bedroom I stood still, listening, found the wesp, put over the container and shoved the postcard to trap the insect. Carried it to the balcony and let it fly.

    This in my mind, I look at your fantastic drawing, dear Sus and laugh! The flight path... haha, and what huge insect it is! First before lay down you are on the hunt, don't you: It's dark outside, the lamp on your bedsidetable is switched on... (btw... I don't safe Mosquitos!)

    It's high time to go to bed for me, so... thank you, dear Sus, for playing!

    x Ariane.

  2. this is dreamy lovely
    i enjoy the dragonfly being inside ~

    makes me think of the bat that was in my cabin this summer....
    it ate all the mosquitoes and bugs that got in.... and there was something special about having a flying creature inside.... but really a bat does not belong inside, not enough mosquitoes and all... so one night i took the screens off the windows
    and it was free....

  3. oh... a moth now and then doesn't go amiss, and mosquitoes, not of this calibre though, usually stay away because of precautions taken. thankfully enough, because the buzz drives me up the wall.

    i like the image you give us of a frantic mosquito, or shall i say frantic bed&boarder? ;)))

  4. Hi Sus, I really enjoy your post and your cute drawing with this giant mosquito. Last year I had hordes attacking me, so that I felt like swiss cheese afterwords and those were random sized ones!
    So hope you can get rid of them and enjoy your sleep in your cosy locking bedroom.
    xo BarbaraBee

  5. HA! this is like my house too- in summer I always lay awake for awhile scanning the ceiling and walls for our "little" but packs a bite mosquito's!

  6. It seems unfair that such a cold place should have mosquitos.
    Very cute drawing.

  7. love the drawing
    but i am glad we do not have them this size ;^))
    love the ones you made
    shown in your last post!!

    Patrice A.

  8. Haha, oh dear, I know EXACTLY what you mean, even if mosquitos (or insects in general) luckily don't have those dimensions here. But a moth fluttering about or a midge buzzing along drives me crazy, not to speak of being stitched all over during the night and waking up like a piece of crumble cake...

    I finally finished my bead & board, too. Took me some time, other things demanded my attention, at least no mosquito plague! ;o))


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