Sunday, August 11, 2013

Camping, II

We went camping again yesterday afternoon.  Just can't get enough of this astounding summer sunshine.  This time, I made a little tent over the bed of my pickup, Bluebird, and slept there on the super-nice inflatable foam pad my Dad gave me last time I visited in Denver.  
Bluebird as a gypsy caravan.
The first thing I saw when I woke up this morning.

Well, maybe this was the first thing.  Curled up in my down sleeping bag with my cozy dog I stayed toasty even though the night was cool.

Once the others woke up and coffee and breakfast were over, we took a long walk on the beach.
A small lichen or fungus clings tenaciously to a drift log.

O. went through the log...
...while his mother, K. went over.

A drift log spirit.
Flossy did not want to come home and neither did I but alas, it is a work day tomorrow!
Hope your week end was as refreshing as camping in Alaska.  See you Wednesday!


  1. I saw a driftwood seal... wonderful tent you have there, complete with dog foot-warmer :)

  2. Wonderful, your Alaskan summer! For me it's like a story from a book about explorers of the wild. And that's your life! Wow!

  3. Such great photos !!! Lóve the ones with the still and quiet sea in the morning !!!
    Ahhhh Flossy looks so cute .... a real pal !

  4. These are wonderful Sus!
    I like the spirit

  5. Magical! those floating islands and I can smell the fresh air :)
    What a great little trip!!

  6. This looks so idyllic--I love your Bluebird tent!

  7. It looks wonderful - and so similar to our winter weather, haha!
    I would love to see it. :)

  8. wonderful!! and flossy is so lovely!

  9. Hi Sus: Waking up to that spectacular weather with Flossie snuggled next to you sounds like the perfect start of any day. Thanks for sharing.

  10. le camping ..nature ..un beau moment.. belles photos!


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