Sunday, August 4, 2013

Drawing Challenge Returns - Fern

The Drawing Challenge took a brief summer hiatus.  I rather missed our little get-togethers!  Thank you to Norma for graciously offering the theme as we commence anew.
Ferns are very prolific in Southeast Alaska.

The underside of the leaves has seed-thingies.

pigma pen in 8x6 gamma sketchbook, daily drawing
Please do yourself a kindness and drop by our friend, the Fairy Yellow Bug Queen to wander amongst a forest of ferns brought to you by many talented artists.


  1. Whoa Sus your fern drawing is strong! Wowser. Nice. Your ferns (real shots) are turning colour. I love those spores on the underside of the leafs. I wanted to capture them in my art piece but failed so far. I'll keep at it and see what I get. Your drawing is really just so great. I like it A LOT! N, x

  2. ah sus, your drawing captures the fern-ness so well!


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. such a fine drawing!
    i wanted to make one
    but in the end
    i just took images
    of our garden


  5. so very lovely
    each photographic glimpse
    your drawing is a joy to see ~

  6. Mmmmm .... I like ferns
    (especially the new rolled-up ones ;-) !)

  7. Beautiful pictures and I like your drawing a lot! you made me smile with the "seed thingies";-) hihi! the fern from another side!

  8. Oh how I love ferns! but it is too dry for them to grow in my more inland town. I enjoyed seeing your photos, and your pen drawing is lovely.

  9. Sus- I'm loving the patterns of wavy lines in your drawing, the flow of some of those continuous lines at the bottom really capture that ferny feeling!

  10. Wonderful ferny, filmy drawing! I used to collect ferns--they hold a special place in plantdom for me, and are always a pleasure to see when they sprout up in spring. Button ferns and five-finger maidenhair ferns are my favorites, but I have a hare's foot fern whose furry runners are a treat, too.

    Yes, tea later this week!! I'm still recovering from Ketchikan, but we had a grand time.


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