Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Making Bugs

I took a flight of fancy in the studio last week and made a set of creatures for the upcoming Rainforest Festival art show.
Making Tyvek beads is a blast and I knew that this technique would make dandy bug bodies if I cut the Tyvek strips wider.  I included Angelina Fiber and left-over thread scraps in the twist.
The day before, I made wing material by Gelliprinting on Pellon stiffener, to which I fused Angelina fibers.
Here is the green body after being heat-gunned; wing material for the green bug is in the background.
A roll of very fine brass wire has been laying around my studio for years and proved exactly the thing for wiring on the bug heads and forming the antennae.

The green bug head.
Another old spool of wire was the perfect gauge for legs. 

I just twisted the leg wire around the bodies.

When the bugs were completely assembled, I hot-glued on their wings.

The Rainforest Festival art show hangs at the Clausen Museum here in town from August 31 through September 9 with an opening reception during September's First Friday art walk.


  1. Oh, if only these were the bugs flying about outside in the evenings (and squeezing through the screens)--that would be lovely!

  2. These are Awesome Sus...and am so curious about using Tyvek?? will have to Google that one :)

  3. Your creativity amazes mo so I'll leave my fly swatter at home when I come to the show.

  4. oh they are beautiful! great, I would love to see a picture of them all at the show, are they hanging in a tree?
    x Stefanie

  5. such very fine bugs these are

    a joy to see!

  6. YES ! I LOVE THESE! what adorable bugs Sus - please show us some pictures of the exhibit if you can.


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