Wednesday, October 2, 2013


So I stopped in Seattle on my return from Denver.  Daughter picked me up at Seatac and we drove down to the Sailor’s ship which had arrived at the Port of Tacoma early that morning, just like we planned.  

We got to have lunch on board of there and took the grand tour, had a cup of coffee and a piece of chocolate...

The Sailor in his safety jumpsuit

... and said good bye.   
There was a big storm coming and they had to leave to get across the Columbia River bar in time.  

 And then it was Saturday kicking around Seattle (too numb and jagged to take pix, sorry), and then Sunday morning I got on the jet to come home.   
When we arrived in Wrangell, an all-too-typical thing occurred: FOG on the runway in Petersburg – everyone going there get off the plane NOW.
Wrangell, Alaska

So I enjoyed a lovely, if unplanned for, afternoon in Wrangell, our neighbor 40 miles to the south on another island...
the totem park in downtown Wrangell
...waiting for the ferry to arrive and deliver me and the other refugees safely to Petersburg.

the weather was chilly and a fine mist was in the wood-smokey air

perfect for visiting these watchers of the forest

I ran into a couple of boys hanging out on their front stoop

and one of them took offense at my interest.
The fireweed is shot for the year, autumn is truly upon us here in Southeast.

Right on schedule, the noble State Ferry arrived and took us HOME!
Alaska State Ferry arriving at the Wrangell terminal
See you this weekend for the Drawing Challenge at Stefanie's place
 (There is no place like home).


  1. Hey, good to catch up with daughter and your sailor !!!!!
    The totem watchers of the woods are very impressive !
    (Flossy will be over the moon I guess ....)

  2. ces sculptures sont très belles! magnifique!

  3. So true! but still we travel none the less- maybe only to make us realize how good it is to be home :)
    Those totems are amazing! I would so love to get out there some day :)

  4. Travelling can be like that. But at least you landed somewhere interesting to poke around in! I bet your house on stilts is glad to have you back, Sus! Enjoy. xo Carole

  5. Wonderful pictures!

  6. petersburg sounds fickle, but hey, what a lovely break you did manage to get, waiting on the ferry. i wish i could have taken the trip alongside you. it'd been just a first for me, all these familiar surroundings for you... i'd loved it, like i love your reportage.

  7. Wow- those totems are FANTASTIC! I'm assuming the sailor is your husband. I can't tell from the photo what kind of ship it is, but my husband used to work on towboats going from Seattle to Anchorage, as well as from Seattle to Hawaii. My goal is to ride one of those ferries up the inland waterway - someday.


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