Sunday, February 2, 2014

photography, instagram and keeping a sharp eye

I have always liked taking pictures as a hobby– first as a child with a little Kodak Brownie camera, moving on to my Dad’s hand-me-down Minolta SLR, going digital with my beloved Cannon Powershot in recent years.    

fungus on a downed limb out the road today

And although I enjoy shooting, photography never interested me much on gallery walls; at least it never did until I shared studio space for a couple of years with a class-A photographer friend, Brenda Kleinfelder.  We were lucky enough to travel to Manhattan years ago, where we spent many memorable hours museum-hopping together.  There she introduced me to the likes of Weegee, Sally Mann, and Diane Arbus to name just a few.

One thing that attracted me to the idea of blogging was the excuse it provided to take lots and lots of photographs.  As you have probably noted, this blog is (usually) heavy on images, light on text.  A picture is truly worth a thousand words as I see it.  Just have a look at Denis Shelby’s outstanding street photography, or the work of Rick White in Japan, Christi on Lopez... the list goes on and on!

Annton’s recent post about her love affair with Instagram resonated with me.  I picked up the habit a little over a year ago, posting photos taken on my phone-camera and following a variety of other Instagramers.  My little Iphone camera actually takes better pix than my Cannon.

During these stressed out days of packing up both house and studio, photography (plus drawing of course) is an effective way to maintain my visual acuity until I can get back to my dyes and brushes again.
The thing that's important to know is that you never know. You're always sort of feeling your way.
"The thing that's important to know is that you never know. You're always sort of feeling your way". -Diane Arbus


  1. so I am happy to meet you at instagram and in the next d.c. dear Sue!
    bonne courage these stressed days x Stefanie

  2. Sus,
    What the heck? Packing and moving? I've missed so much!
    I always enjoy your photos. Maybe it's time for me to get an iphone just for instagram!
    Have you figured out google+. It seems like another great way to post photos.
    Now I'm heading to some of your older posts to catch up! xo Carole

  3. Okay, now I have to find you on instagram.

  4. I think that's a great way to maintain your creative energy during this shift, and I love that Diane Arbus quote!

  5. Well goodness me, so swell of you, sus, thank you.
    Have not ventured into Instagram myself but am with you in all other ways concerning our love of images. Shall follow your links now and I'll look forward to talking some more on this subject ;>]]


  6. Sus: Your move (we sure hope it's not permanent) is going to leave a big hole in Petersburg. So, we're glad you at least have a camera and this blog to make it feel like you're a bit closer to us.

  7. I love finding mushrooms
    not the season here,
    so much snow at the moment
    and cold too
    jelly mushrooms are so interesting!

  8. Taking photos has become my addiction! I love how it journals moments in time!


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