Sunday, March 9, 2014

My Journey Outside (by Flossy)

As Readers may know, Mother and I have moved to the City.  I thought an account of our voyage here on the Alaska Marine Highway would be of interest as a cautionary tale if nothing else.
Mother's last maudlin walk with me down Sing Lee Alley toward our former studio (distant center roof with dormer) was a very cold one.
We boarded the ferry in the dead of night.  (I was too exhausted for observation, but Mother did post a picture or two of me on Instagram).
Wrangell was our first port of call, at 6 am after only about 3 hours of sleep.
The view from the forward observation lounge approaching Wrangell.

I was certainly ready to get out of the truck and go exploring.
The long blue thing on the left is the ramp one enters and leaves the ferry by - even cars.  Dogs have to stay out of the way.

Turns out there was a great Pack traveling with us! 

This lady had a very nice Beagle and a 20-year-old Italian Greyhound named Luigi who was too cold to say much.

 When we were back on board, it was time for my breakfast.  Well, guess what was forgotten?  My food and water bowls!  Mother improvised, using a CD case for my plate.  I drank some water from a paper cup. 

 When we got to Ketchikan mid-afternoon, Mother redeemed herself by purchasing a lovely heart-shaped crystal water bowl and adequate food dish at a very nice Thrift Store we found on our walk.

 The sunset on Wednesday was beautiful, Mother reported.
Dogs are Not Allowed on the upper decks.
Hmmph again.

We traveledthrough Canadian waters all day on Thursday.
I had to take her word for how stunning the views were.

 Since there were no towns that we could stop at, the Ferry Captain ordered Car Deck Calls so People could come visit us Dogs.
The Others were actually relieving themselves ON THE DECK! 

 Quelle horreur!  It was so WRONG!  I absolutely refused to sink to that level and steadfastly waited until we were safely off the ship at Bellingham.
Dare I say, Hummph?

 The rest of the voyage was a blur...

 Finally, early Friday morning right on schedule...

...we drove off the ship!

I was as glad as Robinson Crusoe to be on dry land again, I can tell you!  We stopped for a lovely walk at Larrabee State Park.

We were both thrilled with the warm good smelling air and beautiful scenery of our new home.  Glad to know that the City is not all buildings!

If you are Canine and ever have to travel by Ferry, get one of those 'Service Dog' vests and ride in style with the People on the upper decks.


  1. Flossy, what a trouper you are! Glad you are on dry land again...phew! Love to you and your family in your new home, from Gilly.

  2. Poor you, Flossy! That's a long time to be cooped up in a car. I hope now you can enjoy some good long runs, some stick catching by the sea, and eating out of your own bowl. Have fun.

  3. Oh, Sue I had to chuckle at Flossie's journey just as I feel sad that you have already departed the island. I will forward to the chronicles of your city adventures, though, and wish you all the best following your next path. xxx Cindi

    1. (and I apologize, Flossy, for misspelling your name!)

  4. Great travelogue, Flossy! What a trooper you are. Look forward to hearing how you're settling into your new home. Love to you and your mom! Cousin BeeGee

  5. Isla and I both feel your *pain* Flossy ... car-bound-water-bound is sooooo hard sometimes but no doubt your sweet sheltie tenacity won in the end! Keep taking good care of urself & your mum & all best wishes for all the new dog trails ahead - WELCOME TO WASHINGTON, woooot wooooot!!!!

  6. Flossy, what a grand adventure and I am looking forward to hearing more stories from you! ;)

  7. Flossy is a great storyteller! Glad the move is going well :)

  8. Ahhhhh glad you're fnally there Flossy
    All the best (to Mother too ;-) !)

  9. I much enjoyed Flossy's story. I've been on an Alaska ferry - but not so long as that one. xx


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