Sunday, March 2, 2014

DC: Vase

This drawing challenge called up a memory of the optical whimsy 'Faces and Vases' which I first learned of as a young child when my mother was taking some art classes.  Later, in my own art studies, I learned that the illusion illustrates the principal of figure-ground reversal.

'Faces and Vases' - pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 5x7 moleskine
I was actually given a vase of flowers at a small and intimate birthday celebration with my friends Wednesday night.

The bright blossoms within the vase are a sweet harbinger of spring.
The days are growing longer.
Some winter-loving people say 'Spring schming.  Who needs it!?"
Thanks to our hostess Ariane who suggested this week's drawing challenge.  There are more vases on view over at her rose-colored place.


  1. I think you must be glad the days are getting longer again !
    (at least we here are !)
    Lovely flowers and vase (both !)

  2. It's been ages since I've seen the face/vase image. I love your's, Sus!
    More snow here last night...... very unwelcomed may I add.
    Happy Birthday greetings to you! xo Carole

  3. gosh, yes! that one! the vase/face mystery... oh, the blinking of the eye until you can discard of the one image to begin to see the other... what a game...! well, i'm sure the scientists have their say on that... hee hee... it's working with your design too, you know.
    so, did you celebrate a birthday indeed? then i wish you a happy one!!
    what vibrant sun-flowery images too... n♥

    1. sus, this may not be the best timing, but! ...

      .... here to invite you to come and play next weekend, over at mine's.
      cheerio, and enjoy this week...

  4. I like the faces /vases! I never heard of it but I love it! I like those kind of word-games and mysteries and I like the drawing you made to it. So it was your birthday? Then I hope you had a nice day and I wish you (a bit late) happy birthday!

  5. Dear Sus, your illustration of vases and faces is a really clever one, I like it a lot and evokes happy spring feelings through the colors like the real flowers at yours do - and although I don't agree with your winter lover - I LOVE YOUR DOG so cute!!!
    Have a nice week too!
    barbara bee

  6. Oh I remember doing something similar so fun going back and forth :)
    Hope you had a wonderful Birthday- best wishes! and here's to the days getting longer

  7. I like your drawing. I like your flowers, and I like your dog!
    Good week for you, Susan!
    It was your birthday?
    Much happiness to you!

  8. ha! memories from 'old' times: the face/vase
    i sure like yours!
    and happy belated birthday!!
    like you i am looking forward to longer days
    spring is around the corner..... ;^))

  9. Yes!! i do remember,
    your faces/vases surprising in full color and with bouquet, lovely idea Sus!

    late very happy birthday to you !xxx

  10. Happy Birthday colors! + cool looking snow dog :)


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