Sunday, March 30, 2014

Drawing Challenge: Water

Patrice had us thinking about water, so blessedly abundant here in the Pacific Northwest. 
In the neighborhood on Friday morning, rain clung to the delicate branches of this newly sprouted bush.
Just the day before, this was the scene as Daughter and I took Flossy around Greenlake.

Water-creatures were out basking.
Public art seen along the Elliot Bay trail this blustery afternoon...

...ends up here, draining fresh water into the Bay.
 In many parts of the world, water is in scare supply and some have to walk miles each day for enough of this precious stuff to survive. 
I never take water for granted.
Being by water refreshes and restores serenity.
'Water Works' - pencil and watercolor on 180 lb. cold press paper, about 6"x4"

Float on over to Patrice's always-refreshing blog for more water images from a myriad of marvelous artists participating in the drawing challenge this week.


  1. a little psychedelic and a good appetizer to water, as is, your water colour.
    i sometimes miss big expanses of water closeby. but yeah, it is a luxury, even my wish to be closer to water is, because it is so obvious in my daily life.... n♥

  2. Hey, I recognize that lake! I love when I see the turtles sunbathe at Greenlake. They always seem so content in the simple bliss of a sunny day. Love the water drawing!

  3. Oh my how I miss seeing turtles! Thanks for the wonderful photos of your lovely water filled part of the world. and I love your interpretation of water works!

  4. Thank you for the fabulous photos and your painting is wonderful, too!

  5. beautiful photos and a wonderful picture. I love your colors!
    :-) mano

  6. Very floating and intelligent as well you watercolor painting, the curly forms are very appealing and you're so right not taking water for granted, we should be much more carefully with it. Wonderful aera you live in, wow!
    barbara bee
    P.S. I would have loved to have a microscope as a child unfortunately never had one. Its so amazing what one can see.

  7. It's so true Sus how lucky we are to live in places where there is abundant water- and I agree it is revitalizing to be around on so many levels...your little picture is lovely I'm picturing it as a fountain that would be fun to visit :)

  8. Love your ode to water, and your watercolor drawing. How's that new studio coming along? Have a great week! xo

  9. What a lovely serene post, with a fun twist.

  10. such a wonderful post
    the beauty of the nature around you
    how i wish i lived like that.....
    and thanks for your drawing
    i like it very much
    as i like the last one ;^)) all those watercolors
    thanks for participating!
    Patrice A.

  11. I enjoyed your 'water'color painting, the 'R' is wonderful.

    loved seeing your watery walk too ~ water is indeed precious!

  12. Bear with me, I just have to say that 'drawing water' is a very bad pun! I do like your watercolor, though!

  13. Love the idea of public art, freely drawn and available to all ... so good!


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