Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Searching for Rythm

Visiting the Sailor last Friday, we took a walk at Point Defiance State Park as the day ended.  Mt. Rainer was looming wonderfully.

Driving back to Seattle, I took Highway 509 rather than the so-called freeway, I-5, and was rewarded with a nice sunset along the waterway.

This road parallels the canal where his ship was tied up, loading cargo for Anchorage - that's it, behind the pleasure fleet.

I am still a woman without a country in some ways, not in my studio yet, trying to get a rhythm going in this exciting new place.  Each day is an adventure of discovery.  
Hope you are enjoying the week.  


  1. I think your still getting your feet on the ground so to speak- and in that case it's always best to enjoy the descent- thanks for letting us ride along with you :)

  2. Hi Susan, you're not too far from me. Well, actually, right now I'm in Puerto Vallarta instead of Vancouver and so actually, you are very far from me. :) But your photos look wonderfully familiar and comforting. :)

  3. yes. enjoy that in-between ride while it lasts, do...
    i enjoy your experiences here too, thxs.


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