Thursday, March 20, 2014

roY g biv

Happy First Day of Spring, Northern Hemispherians!  Yellow is the color of the month for Roy G. Biv players.  Here's my collection:
Daffodils abound at the Public Market and in neighborhoods all around the City.

Yellow Fin spuds - Yummy!

Jelly fungus found on a downed branch around my Alaska property.

I spotted these dashes of yellow at the Port of Tacoma last Friday when we went down to grab the Sailor off his ship for a quick visit.
 There is plenty more yellow to bring in the spring on view via links at Jennifer's excellent blog.  See you there!


  1. Happy first day of spring! Yellow, yellow, yellow! Spring screams of yellow. Are you enjoying these warmer than Alaska spring days?

  2. Yellow is a great color- I just came home with a bunch no two bunches of daffodils- your post is so cheery! Happy Spring to you :)

  3. Sus, those daffodils are amazing- can't wait until they're blooming outside! Happy Spring!

  4. Wishing for a bunch of those daffodils! But my favorite is the fungus! Thanks for playing this month.

  5. wonderful and diverse photos Sus. I hope you are enjoying your new home and adventure. It was fun taking to heart your recent posts!

  6. Daffodils - love them! Perhaps a trip to get some today. Just the thing to brighten the table. Thanks for joining in the search!

  7. yeah for yellow! I like the variety in your yellow photos. Fun!

  8. The public market looks like a wonderful place to visit - such abundance... Happy spring!

  9. More daffodils, what a happy flower. I like that bright yellow jelly fungus, looks edible. I'm sure its not. Alaska must be beautiful.

  10. That jelly fungus is the most amazing colour and so happy spring to you too!
    Over here in the UK, we usually think of spring as starting on 1 March as that's what the weather forecast bases its stats on - but then, usually, the weather has started to warm up - though not always. When, like last year, there's still snow on the ground it feels very strange. Whenever it starts, yellow as the colour of the month seems very appropriate.

  11. Great pics, Susan (here and in other posts)! Sorry I haven't been around for a while. Hope you've been well. And I hope you've got some nice weather coming! :-)

  12. such a fine post
    all those flowers....
    and maybe your studio is workable
    so you can join this week's drawing challenge
    i am the host

  13. les fleurs jaunes ..vont avec le sol bleu l'atelier ! :)


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