Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Curiosity of Doors Invitational Exhibit

For the past 10+ years, Petersburg has held an invitational art exhibit of new work by local artists created around a specific theme.  This year the 13 invited artists were challenged to create work using an actual door.  I took these shots of our resulting creations as installed at the Clausen Museum September 17 through 27.

 Ashley Duross

 Annabelle Baker

 Aria Peterman with Lisa Schramek's blue door behind.

 Beth Loesch

 Holly Bell Winje

 Pia and Flossy with Chris Weiss's installation - a doorway hung with keys.

 Pia Reilly

 Polly Lee

 Sue Savage

Sue Wood

'Memory's Gates' - Susan Christensen
Artist Statement
I’ve long been interested in portraying opposites in my work.  In this project I explored the opposite ends of my memory’s emotional spectrum: the dark past - addiction, broken relationships, anger, hurt, despair; and the dark, passed - admittance, acceptance, healing relationships, spiritual growth and creative artistic flowering. 

I was thinking of how memory seeps into consciousness - how the past is steeped in the present, like an exotic, fragrant tea.  Although some are hard and some tear my heart with a bittersweet longing nothing can quench, I do not regret any of my memories, instead remaining grateful for every moment that has brought me to this one – the beautiful Here, the one and only Now.

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