Thursday, October 28, 2010

Orange Things for Halloween

Halloween (my personal favorite among the candy holidays) is almost here and inspires this post about orange - a rival with red as my favorite color.

Traveling home last month, I had dinner with my Seattle daughter.  While waiting for our table at Lombardi's on Ballard Avenue (where we enjoyed a memorable meal) we window shopped at Romanza which was already decked out for the season with plenty of eye candy. 

And speaking of the Seattle kid, this grass plant caught her fancy last fall when she was visiting me - these live along the logging road and are just screaming orange iridescence in fall.

There are plenty of orange things in the studio, including my best brush-holder, the pitcher which my great-aunt Ruth painted.

And a final orange thing: Thomas doing laundry.
 Happy Halloween to all!


  1. oooohh! that orange grass!! good heavens, what orange delight that is! i also love orange... orange and red seem to be the spark that other colors need... xo

  2. And I have a Seattle sister and 2 red Tomcats. And I love Roth's pitcher!


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