Sunday, October 17, 2010

Work Progress in the Wet Week

I was grateful for my nice warm dry studio this week as we were inundated with the usual October rains and gales.  I finished my inventory for the craft sale next weekend, worked on some new sketches and put time in on my Sketchbook Project drawings.
Scarf inventory - silk and silk-rayon velvet

 My new line of rock-tied dyes not seen before at Octoberfest

The stack of fleece hats I made while in Denver

New sketches, 3"x5" to 4"x6", cut from dye paintings that were not successful in themselves.  I layer two pieces of flannel and a backing for quilting on my sewing machine.  I will be doing hand stitching and possibly beading as well.

Mid-afternoon Flossy and I took the obligatory Sunday walk.  We went out to see how the storm was coming along at the Water Meadow.  Things were very floody there.

Flossy loved it; all that water to stick her long snout in and bark at.
The trail was under water - and me without my boots on!

I always feel so good when I get out there and walk, wet or not.  It is a rain forest after all!   Tomorrow is Alaska Day, and a holiday at the Mighty Mighty Day Job.  I am giving myself permission to sleep late, and then off to the studio.  Wishing you a creative week!


  1. Flossy is so cute. I love where you went for a walk. What a beautiful backyard! Happy Alaska day...never knew Alaska was part of Russian- gotta love google!
    I love those beanies- they must come in handy in winter...although spring here it is snowing a couple of hundred kilometres away from Sydney.Odd.
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Best wishes. Don

  2. you have been *busy*, susan!! so much color and beauty... i think i would be very happy to be working in a dry, colorful studio if i were you. AND i completely understand how good it feels to get out and walk in the wet...


  3. Beautiful forest.... and walking with Flossy- what could be better? Love the last piece - stitched trees.... lovely.


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