Saturday, October 23, 2010

Octoberfest Artshare

Today was the big annual craft fair I have been preparing for.  I did well in terms of sales and even better in terms of marketing my studio open house which will be the day following Thanksgiving, November 26.  I was pleased with the way my booth looked.  I minimized the horrid blue tarp which covers the floor and walls by re-using the floor-cloth I painted for Las Vegas and the bifold doors from our recent doors show at the Clausen. 

I sold all but two of my new line of cell phone/ipod/ID bags with the Tyvek beads.  Very satisifying!

My scarves were very popular as usual.  All but one of the rock-tied velvet ones sold.

The other big news of the week happened yesterday when the sailor came home after 6-months on a ship in the far east. 
He'll be home 'till March or so - see me through the winter - happy days ahead!


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  2. Wow, your husband gone for that long! I'm glad you have Flossy!


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