Sunday, October 10, 2010

Playing with Tyvek

My friend Belinda joined me in the studio for a session playing with acrylic paint, Tyvek, and my heat gun.  We twisted up lots of beads using up scraps of fiber I had left over from other projects.  We had so much fun neither of us wanted to quit - positively addictive!

My new stash

 Close up, you can see some of the textures we achieved with the scrap ribbons, yarns, and such.

After the morning's fun, I took a little break and walked through the harbor.  The 'Deer Harbor II' had a collection of lines on her stern which caught my eye.

Later that afternoon I saw these leaves on the path to the library, blown down by the gale force winds we've been enduring.

The house across the slough from my studio had these glass vessels basking in the wan October sun - so pretty.

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