Sunday, February 6, 2011

Gray Area

Yesterday we were still in the rainy zone.
Overnight, temperatures dropped just enough to give a return to snow - I am glad. 
Early this afternoon, a beach walk while the bread dough was rising.  The geese were not about to take wing while it was socked down to the water.  So still... 
Even Flossy took a barking break to listen to the little waves cast up by a passing boat.
The old driveway reminds me of Robert Frost’s poem
 Even my sketchbook page is in this gray area.


  1. and here we are
    sweating and dripping

    wishing for relief...

  2. I like your drawings. I would love to see more.

  3. Love the drawing-more please! Flossy- all I can think is of those cold paws!

  4. Y know your paiting in a latinoamerican blog from CHILE.
    It name is SUREANDO.
    Congratulations you are a real artist.

  5. there are many shades of gray, your drawing is beautiful. And that track through the trees is amazing. I just love your surroundings there is so much there to see. what a great thing to do while the bread is rising.



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