Monday, February 21, 2011

President's Day

There was a holiday at the Mighty Mighty Day Job as the country honored two past presidents.  I went to the studio where I finished the woven piece. 
I finished the sides and top with a conventional quilt binding and left the bottom as fringe.  The dimensions are 42"x21".
  Here is a detail. Each of non-orange units is machine quilted.  I was thinking about Peggy Shumaker's poem 'Mother Tongue'.  She writes:
'In a language recently
disappeared, god is talking...
 In a language lost to us
god is singing'.
I am praying for the people of the countries struggling for justice under presidents they can no longer bear to honor.


  1. Nice piece! And I was teaching yesterday, nice commute, no one on the roads! Students, however, grumbled about "celebrating authority day", or something. Might be nice to remind them tomorrow of just how different our situation is than some.

  2. this must have been such a joy to work on.

    The small worked parts remind me of advent calendsars, where little surprises lie..

  3. I love the vibrant colour in this woven piece of art susan. It is just beautiful.



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