Saturday, February 12, 2011

Writer Laureate and Studio Update

The week was full and went by quickly.  Our town was blessed by a visit from Alaska’s writer Laureate Peggy Shumaker, who did a reading of her work Thursday evening and taught a writing workshop I was lucky enough to attend today.  I enjoyed exercising my creativity in a different way, writing a couple of poems and the starts of some potentially longer pieces in a memoir vein.

At the studio, I was all over the place.  Our annual wearable art show is coming up the end of March.  I had an idea to create a pair of giant wings from acrylic emulsion and pattern tissue.   

Although beautiful to look at they don’t have enough stiffness to stand up on their own, so I abandoned the project.  On Friday I began surface design experiments toward creating more practical wearable’s for the exhibit.  Sort of slow going and I took no pictures...
Today I finished a little piece started some weeks ago from my hand dyed fabrics which I had drawn on with Prismacolors and pieced together prior to machine quilting and adding further, unifying color with oil stick. 
Meanwhile, Daily Drawing continues until morale improves:
‘Whatever you do, because you are an artist, will bring you to the next thing of your own’. –Hubertus Bigend in Zero History by William Gibson

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  1. good luck with your wings, and be careful when you first start flying.

    your little hand dyed piece and your drawing are great. I like the flow in that drawing.



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