Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Projects Emerging

Years ago (mid-2000's) a bulletin cover from a Sunday worship service caught my imagination's eye.  
Bulletin cover on the left, my sketch on the right, from 2006.

After five years of percolating on the edges of my consciousness, the inspiration began its journey into reality this past week.  
I stretched an 84"by 48" piece of Strathmore drawing paper on the wall and got busy with pencil and eraser.  No overhead projector - this was done free-hand referring to my original color drawing.  Next step will be dyeing the fabrics.  I'll keep you updated.

The little sketches stacked near my sewing machine from the end of the winter got attention at last, too.  Working back and forth between stitching and painting with textile paints, Prismacolors, and oil sticks was mesmerizing.  
Procion on cotton with untrimmed flannel batting showing, these are works in progress.
The bird image near the center was made with oil stick and stencil.
This piece is now resting, as I make decisions about how I want to finish the edges.
This one is about 6 inches tall, Procion on cotton with a kitchen sink's worth of other media including both machine and hand stitching.  No title yet... heck, it may not even be in its final state!
Thanks so much for visiting!  Have an amazing Saturday.


  1. Ofcourse no overhead projector (you don't need one) What a lovely concept, I sure will follow it's progress.
    I LOVE that little piece with the birds (swifts?) whirling over the houses !!!(would love a strait edge I think ....)
    (is that batting black???)

  2. These are amazing, Susan. Really love them!

  3. wow! on everything here, sus! you are *busy*! i really can't imagine drawing the big piece... getting it right... do you have any ideas about how you'll paint it? i love the small pieces, and how you're going back and forth between stitching and painting and pencils, etc.

    and the words, "the last will be first, and the first will be last." have always loved them...


  4. Those pieces are wonderful and the big one going to be incredible.

  5. It is great to see the conversion from the initial inspiration into your beautiful sketch. I love the addition of the child.
    You have an amazing sense of colour.


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