Monday, August 8, 2011

After work, which was at the Mighty Mighty Day Job today, Flossy and I took a very nice walk on the beach north of our house. 
The late summer sunshine lit glowing green where it broke through scattered clouds and the dense forest as we walked through to the beach.
The grass is starting to turn color as fall approaches.  This view is to the south down the Wrangell Narrows.

There have been some high tides lately casting seaweed up on the beach.  

Their subtle greens are wonderful.

The Sailor has been away for over four months now and I feel it like a hole in my heart. 

Thankfully, William Wallace was there to greet Flossy and I when we got back to our house.  He has been out on walk-about for a couple of weeks.

I am very grateful for my animals, who are such jolly, kindly company!


  1. Your part of the world looks lush and green. Animals are great company aren't they. Our kitty and bunnies entertain us regularly. Will Sailor be back soon after such a long time away?

  2. Ooh Sus, hope the hole in your heart will be mended soon!

    I love the seaweed with the green and puckered bubbles! (should be fun to felt them!)

    It looks as if William says: well ofcourse I'm back ...what else would you have thought ... but I need some time of my own now and than ...!

  3. Carole, my Sailor is gone until early October (I think). Wouldn't be able to cope without my animals!
    Els, William Wallace is very devil-may-care, you are exactly right!

  4. Oh Susan, What a beautiful place where you live. The woods,field and sea, each one so different but dependent upon one another. Your animals and the beauty that surrounds you will help you endure your sailors absence.

  5. Fall approaching? That was a short summer! Give Wallace and Flossy a kiss (or a pat) for me.


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