Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Greens Camp

The day was warm and the next storm's rain clouds were rolling in from the south. 

Beach combing at this spot is especially interesting - there are a variety of really unusual rocks.

We brought our dogs, of course.

 Such colors, now that the season is changing.

A tiny snail clung tenaciously to a rock below the tide line.

The island shown here is close enough to paddle over to and circle in a small boat or kayak.  Happy mid-week everyone!


  1. A beautiful place. How far from your home is it?
    You as well have a wonderful rest of the week. xo

  2. That little snail photo really speaks to me Sus. Clinging on for life while getting a suntan. Great photo. Wrangell Narrows is beautiful. Gotta love island life. Happy beachcombing to you!

  3. Ah, wonderful Sus the place you live!
    Is that an enormous tree you're sitting on??

  4. your landscape is so soft and grey and yet that leaf stands out like a beacon.



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