Sunday, August 28, 2011

Daily Drawing (and a Morning Visitor)

More and more I value the time spent each day within my sketchbook.  Here's a look at my newest drawings:
'The Moon Kept Me Up' Pigma pen & Ptismacolor pencil in 9x12 sketchbook
'Not All Lost' Pigma Pen and Prismacolor pencil in 9x12 sketchbook

Title Page for new 5"x8" Moleskine sketchbook
On the ferry trip last weekend I did not want to lug my hardbound 9x12 sketchbook (which is almost full anyway), so I started a new smaller book, like the one I filled for the Sketchbook Project. 

'Aeyo' Pigma pen and Prismacolor pencil in 5"x8" sketchbook
 Surprise!  Mr. Bear made his way across the wet beach in front of my house this morning!  Look out, Pets!  (They were all indoors sleeping).
Happy week to you all!


  1. happy week to you too, sus! i think it shows how much you enjoy drawing. i surely love what you draw... xoxo

  2. A bear? wow! Well, there used to be lions in Tunisia...The photos of your trip to Juneau are very refreshing, sometimes I miss that very green nature of the West coast. I haven't seen rain all summer and the heat is only beginning to go under 95 F. We seem to be living on opposite ends. Your drawings are lovely.
    best, nadia

  3. Eeeeeh ... BEARS ???? I didn't know they were out there on your island ??? Aren't they dangerous (when hungry)? Do you ever "meet" them when you're walking/camping in the woods ???
    Your drawings I like so very much every time you share them...!
    (Blogger was late showing your "new" posts ...)

  4. My sketchbook is hardly ever used for actual sketching. I tend to glue and collage and add acrylic paint, even in my little Moleskines. Are you loving your little 5"x8"?
    Having bears wandering in your yard must cause excitement! I guess it's salmon hunting season for him/her. They are such beautiful creatures.

  5. I have signed up for The 120 Day Do What You Love Challenge. I have committed to spontaneous drawing for 20 minutes a day.
    You will inspire me. :)


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