Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Scene Recently, #13


  1. Oh, lovely scenes! And I love porcupines. Especially when my neighbor porcupine comes foraging in the wee hours and I hear him/her murmuring to h/herself out there waddling around sounding like an aline gnome. Do yours sound like alien gnomes? They always make me laugh.

    One morning I let Pasha out and he came right back in. Strange for the fearless one who attacks dogs and chases away bears. So I looked out and saw Mrs. Porcupine. Smart cat, I thought!

    And I'm giggling as my word verification word is "outies"... of course its a reference to belly buttons!

  2. Beautiful photos with "light" in all of them.
    Funny though: Fowgloves ánd mushrooms ...!

  3. that foxglove!! is it wild? oh my goodness, how happy it looks... and the porcupine. wow. what extravagance! xoxo

  4. So good the porcupine was a runner not a fighter!

  5. Susan, every photo here makes me want to grow wings and fly up to Alaska before the sun sets.

  6. It looks lovely there. The mushrooms look like porcelain and the porcupine is so cute-it reminds me of Tiger, one of my cats-the fat one!
    Thanks for your visit and lovely comment-I will be sharing more pages soon-when I get around to taking a picture of them!


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