Saturday, August 6, 2011

House of Seasons

My photography project for our Tongass Rain Forest Festival is completed and I want to show you how it turned out.
Because this object represents Southeast Alaska, it had to be supported by a pile foundation.  I made the pilings from driftwood K helped my gather from Sandy Beach last Saturday.
This is a detail of the pile caps.
 House of Seasons - photos printed on cotton with fibers and sticks, 20" tall by 4"x4"
The winter face is my favorite.
Detail of the top, showing the fabric 'bead' closure.  The box opens, with additional content on the interior, but I am not able to get a decent photo - I will leave that to your imagination!

Thanks to Janet Edmond's fabulous book, Beginner's Guide to Embroidered Boxes, for some of the techniques I used in constructing this box.


  1. Oh Susan, this piece is unspeakably gorgeous. How inventive you are, and what a beautiful creation! xox

  2. Wow, I LOVE this! I've been wanting to make something similar. Goodness, what would I ever get done if i followed all my creative urges?
    Well, a lot of art, but not much else!

    Fabulous, I hope we do get to see inside one day.

  3. My, oh my, that is GORGEOUS! From top to bottom and I'm sure inside too. Hmmmm I'm imagining what might be inside............

  4. Awesome! and a great concept, though shouldn't the winter face be bigger than the other three sides?... kidding...
    I love it and it has even deeper meaning for me being an Alaskan.
    xoxo Kim

  5. ha! i'm laughing at kim's comment about the winter face... : )

    this is beautiful and imaginative, sus... i feel like i need to touch it - or at least look at it very closely... it seems tactile to me.

    i put this book on my amazon wish list. wow - embroidered boxes!!!


  6. Wow Sus, LOVE that box and especially how you managed the "legs"

  7. A curious artifact. Terrific. I like it. It would be strangely wonderful a village full of these houses...


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