Saturday, August 20, 2011


Work for my solo exhibit here in December is coming along now.  This week I completed a couple of new pieces and got started on a few more, while some work is in that 'thinking about it' stage. 

'shell game' 16.5"x19.5"; procion on cotton with machine stitching

''Rainbow Shells' 15.5"x19"; procion on cotton with beads and machine stitching
detail from a piece at the 'resting stage'
In the evenings I enjoyed stitching some feathers for Jude's Magic FeatherProject.  

feathers embroidery on vintage kimono cloth for Jude       
small purse I made when I was in high school
I love embroidering, and always have since my mom taught me how as a young child. 

detail from the bag above
The colored thread is like a box of crayons or my beloved Prismacolor pencils.  I love the repetitive act of pushing needle through cloth; the slow evolution of textures, lines, shapes.  
Visiting galleries and museums in Other Parts of the World embroidery has caught my eye again and again, incorporated in the work of contemporary artists.  I am drawn to the subversive juxtaposition of this traditional decorative technique with potent political and social commentary.   

This territory may be calling me to come exploring.  What new creative lands are you longing to traverse?


  1. I especially love the two shell pieces! How are you finishing them for presentation...mounting? sleeve? They're really wonderful! Have a great weekend. xo

  2. (hadn't noticed this before I send you that email)
    Solo exhibition wheeee ! You shell-pieces are lovely (the one with the tumbling houses) but I also like these coloured snakes!
    Ha, you're a life-time embroiderer !!!!
    And móre feathers !

  3. I especially like the shell pieces, but your high school purse too,...ok, the snake also. All of it. I find you ask some good and thoughtful questions. About multiple voices that seem to pop up, I think of the different facets as strands that sometimes overlap or intertwine and that may share certain explorations in technique. About new territories: What with the liberation of Libya, I find myself faced with ideas under a war/revolution theme, very powerful emotions erupting in the whole region. So much blood, and bravery and courage and to express all that...It's very exciting and yet very disturbing. I better stop before I start ranting!
    best, nadia

  4. Love the snakes hovering over the tiny house with snakey ladder...

  5. Hi Sus...I linked on to the Feather Project and got absorbed in it I forgot to leave you a comment here! ha ha! Your purse is so sweet. Your feather's divine. Your shells so colourful.

  6. Your embroidery from your early days looks fantastic, wish mine had been that good. Great to see you following your heart, doing what you have to do.....



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