Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Daily Drawing

I continue to set aside 15 minutes to an hour most evenings to draw in my sketchbook.  The time is well-spent, relaxing me before I go to bed as well as keeping my eye-hand coordination sharp and tuned up for studio work.
I am using a small (5x7) Moleskine book with rather thin paper, suitable only for dry media, which is fine for my purposes.  These drawings are completely unplanned, evolving in response to the lines themselves.

Some times I do not finish a drawing in one evening, and continue the next night.  (This one is a thank you to my blog-friend, Els).

The drawings are a way to unwind and reflect on my day.  Some I understand...

and some are just mysteries.  Some have lots of color...

 and some I leave mostly lines

You can have a look at all my drawings in my Flickr account.


  1. Love them all. I suppose my morning collaging is like your evening drawing, a practice that helps me collect myself. xo

  2. Wonderful collection... love the top one.

  3. Beautiful with mandala- like unfoldings. These just fascinate me. One of them reminds me of a print I did years ago. I ought to share it with you.
    Thanks so much for your visit to my blog and for your kind words.
    xoxo Kim

  4. HA hopped over right away when I saw this post in my sidebar !!!! Daily drawings posts are always goooood! This one in particular: with "one for mé" Thank you so much Sus.

    (found a good frame the other day for the "real" one I can hold in my hands...;-) !)

  5. I love this collection of quirkiness!

  6. What a great practice to keep the inspiration flowing, Sus! I love your flowing lines and I think the bottom one is my favorite.

    Thanks for visiting my blog--your comments are very much appreciated :-)

  7. drawing in the journal can be so therapeutic in many ways

    love the variety in your spontaneous sketches

  8. Such fluid, beautiful lines.

    Sketching is so much less stressful than working on exhibition pieces - good luck with yours!



  9. I love your drawings. Thank you for the inspiration, I have been a bit lagging in my 120 day challenge. You have re-energized me.


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