Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Good Weather

Favorite time of year for us here, the rare 'nice' (translation: not raining) days made sweeter by the certainty of months of snow and ice soon to come.
Noble Sir Flossy
Flossy enjoys the muskeg as we pick the bumper crop of wild cranberries. 

When our backs get too sore to put up with any more stoop labor, we hike along the slough.  (So nice to have The Sailor home again)!


 In the studio, these upstarts wait on the wall for tomorrow when I begin my art-work-week.  What are you looking forward to this week?


  1. What a magnificent place you live in, Sus!

  2. Yum--wild cranberries! Like you, I'm looking forward to transforming inspiration into something tangible this week...though from your photo it looks like you've got a leg up on me!

  3. Your Sailor is home, the cranberries are ripe, Flossy is by your side, and you have art waiting for sounds good. I'll be taking today off to celebrate my husband's 59th birthday with baked spaghetti, ice-cream cake, and visits with our girls. Tomorrow it's back to the canvas. Life is good.

  4. Such beautiful colors - rusts and russets and misty blues, stunning.

  5. Beautiful autumn days, together with your men ... enjoy them and store them for the icy days to come ;-)
    Your art pieces are they on fabric or paper?
    (grandchildren have a holiday week, so we'll probably do some things together ...

  6. admiring the magnificent scenery you are surrounded with outside
    and the magnificent scenery you surround yourself with in the studio


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