Sunday, October 23, 2011

Studio Week

Outside we are being bludgeoned by the rains of October.
Inside my studio color, warmth and light prevail as I continue working on my December exhibit.

 My sewing machine hums along hours at a day, trusty and true.

Beading is ongoing as well. I find that having multiple works in process  simultaneously is a good way to move along.

Here is a detail of the way I am binding the work, overcasting the raw edges with binding fibers and a zigzag stitch.  The batting is felt, or two layers of flannel.

A detail of  a small piece, procion on cotton; the gold hands are acrylic paint, stamped on...

and one more glimpse, beads of rain falling on rocks on the upper right.  The rainy season is influencing me!


  1. Everything is so beautiful, including your cozy studio. I had imagined you living more secluded than it appears in that photo. I love the little pieces you're doing...wish I had a viable local outlet for my work, but oh well. Hope you have a great week. Enjoy the rain! xo

  2. sus, your studio looks so warm and comfy - i can *feel* that right through the screen. lately i've been thinking that i'd like to have my sewing machine set up somewhere. there are so many things i could do with it...


  3. Ha, this is so great : visiting your studio !!!
    (not at the beach!) Let the rain be the rain, you're warm and cozy and creating beautiful work ! The fifth photo is my favourite : warming your hands at a lovely fire ! The colours alone make you feel warm !!! Keep on going, your exhibit will be fun

  4. Looks so cozy in there. Love the pieces- great colours.


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