Saturday, October 8, 2011

Work this Week

Back in the studio again, stitching away on work for my show in December.  You may remember seeing this image when I was painting it. 

detail of work in progress - 'Forest Keeper I' procion on cotton
detail of work in progress - '30,000 Feet' procion and oil stick on cotton
'30,000 Feet' was inspired by my recent long, long plane rides - staring out the window at huge clouds, layering themselves over the Pacific 30,000 feet below: lots of great daydreaming opportunities, and seeing castles in the billows.

The internet is down at our house - I am posting this from the public library (thank goodness for free wifi).  The big storm two weeks ago is still causing problems around here.  We lost lots of our big beautiful trees on our property.  The Sailor is calling it the Tree Holocaust.  I can't bring myself to take pictures to show you - too sad. 
At any rate, hoping to be back on the Information highway early next week.  Creative blessings to you until then!


  1. So sorry to hear about the trees' demise. I hate when that happens.

  2. Very sad news about your trees. Your "Forest Keeper" and "30,000 Feet" are both beautiful. I love looking out the windows of planes and seeing the clouds and ocean below. Greatly inspiring for you I see!

  3. Love to see you stitching again, Sus!
    Sorry to hear yóúr Forest Keeper had no influence on the "real" forest .... Better not show us these sad pictures.


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