Saturday, October 15, 2011

The studio days flew by this week stitching away on new work.  Have a look at some close-ups:

machine and hand stitching on procion-painted cotton (detail)

machine stitching on procion-painted cotton (detail)
A break in the rain at lunchtime drew Flossy and I down to the floats for our noon walk.  So many shades of blue reflected in the calm water of the South Harbor...

This graffiti caught my eye, echoing images in the pieces I am working on.

machine stitching and acrylic on procion-painted cotton (detail)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - we are going after cranberries again tomorrow, rain or shine.


  1. I always enjoy the photos of your walks--amazing nature around you. We just got our first good rain in about 5 months, thankfully--takes care of the dust problem. The hand and machine stitching on your work is so pleasing. Really like your Forest Keeper and 30,000 ft pieces.

  2. Wow, very promising peeks into your new ones!!
    (you're sure you didn't do that graffiti?)
    Beautiful shot that smoooooth harbour!

  3. I love the texture of these pieces-I want to touch them! I like the snake in the second picture. Lovely reflections on that water too!

  4. Hi Sus, your stitching and colours are beautiful together. Were you inspired by the graffiti or did you see once you'd made your stitches? A noon walk with Flossy sounds like a perfect choice during a break in the rain. My cat doesn't like to join me if I go much farther than the stop sign!

  5. Some amazing work here susan. The design and colour is beautiful.


  6. The new pieces look wonderful and your inspiration is clear.


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