Wednesday, September 26, 2012

As I Left It

'Passing Over' acrylic collage on paper; 12"x9"
detail 1

detail 2
My work table as I left it mid-month.
I am anxious to return to the studio tomorrow, looking forward to continuing the work for our Juneau exhibit in December as well as a couple of group shows here in town this fall.  My creative cup feels full to overflowing from the brief time of traveling just ended.  Are you flowing?


  1. beautiful!Sus, there is so much warmth and good energy in this work,the cooler blue on the upside and the darker downside balance each other just right and than there is the bird that seems to take me on his flight all around, enjoy your studio tomorrow, xx

  2. I really like the swirling movement and texture on these.

    I am overflowing with inspiration after walks outside.

  3. Beautiful colours and patterns and movements fill your painting! I wish my creative energy was flowing like yours, Sus, but I'm just so tired.

  4. love all the layers in it that still shine through ....

  5. little swirly curlicues are one of my favourite elements - this reminds me of snorkeling in the south pacific

    Kel @

  6. I like curved lines, this looks great.

    My art is not flowing at present, I am sure it will be soon though.


  7. My creative juices are flowing. There is a change in the air.

  8. I LOVE the colors in this collage! Very cheerful.

    My creativity is starting to flow again, too. Finally! That shot of your worktable is inspiring me to get going this morning!

  9. Your pieces are looking wonderful!....enjoy your time in the studio. My studio needs cleaning desperately, but every time I go to clean it, I always start working on something instead. Definitely in the flow!

  10. These detail shots excite me as well as the ones sitting on your worktable. Very inspiring.

    My flow has been mostly production mode I'm afraid. Suddenly all these little components I'm making have become popular and I'm more in the sweatshop mode. The creativity is coming in when I'm inventing new unusual components. And of course it's the beginning of the indoor show season where my focus changes a bit. So my flow has been very market oriented lately and I MADE myself go out and do some collage yesterday. Needed some glue on my fingers for a change!

  11. Beautiful, beautiful! I feel a creative time coming on and you have just inspired me to write a new post. Welcome back to the studio, Sus!


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