Thursday, September 20, 2012

Road Trip

Denver to La Junta Colorado, to visit my father's old home town.
On the way, we passed Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs, a hazy morning due to forest fires in other parts of the west.
Rocky Ford, Colorado - my Dad stayed in a room in this building during the Great Depression while he worked washing dishes in his Uncle Bob's Green Lantern Restaurant the summer he was 15 years old.

Rocky Ford's high school sports team name was emblazoned on a local shop window.  They were the rival to my Dad's home town team, the La Junta Tigers.

The storefront on the left was the site of the Green Lantern.

Figurines in a thrift shop window on the main drag in Rocky Ford.
Near La Junta we explored Bent's Old Fort, a trading post originally built during the mid-1800's as a trading post for the westward expansion of the United States.  They want you to stay on the trail, right?
Prickly Pear cactus and rattle snakes (not pictured, whew) menace those who stray.

The Fort lies along the Arkansas River.  The landscape is flat, flat, flat.

Old equipment bakes in the sun outside the entrance to the reconstruction.
Our most surprising discovery was the presence of a Peacock.  The docent said there was indeed a Peacock at the Fort during the olden days, serving as a guard bird.

Also surprising was this very friendly little cat who claimed to be a direct descendent of the cats who lived here in 1839.

The adobe structure utilized fur as insulation around doors and windows.

Bee Hive ovens inside the Fort.

Inside the thick adobe walls, the rooms were relatively cool.

View of the prairie through gun port on the second level.
After the Fort we had lunch and then started back to Denver.
 Along the way we saw lots of fields of corn, peppers, alfalfa, and melons, but pictures from the moving car didn't make good blog photos.
We stopped at a fruit stand and bought one of the lovely watermelons pictured in this bright yellow case.  Bought a cantaloupe, too.

Took a pass on the squash, but they were sure interesting shapes.
I will be traveling toward home again in a couple of days.  In the mean time, best wishes from Colorado.


  1. Well thank you for taking me on your road trip, loved seeing the green lantern
    and the adobe buildings on the prairie


    have a great trip home too

  2. such enticing adobe buildings
    with a peacock and resident cat
    such treasures

    Kel Creates

  3. Excellent images
    Enjoy and safe travels :)

  4. Thanks for sharing, Sus! Looks like a wonderful trip.

  5. wonderful peacock photo Sus, those warm earth colors and melons oh sigh....summer seems already over here but there is lot of sunshine in your pics, enjoy, x

  6. okay, it seems to me you are traveling... i wanted to include you to our next weekend's drawing challenge anyway!

  7. oh to be in Colorado again. The colors of the sky above the adobe buildings,
    Just gorgeousness!! Enjoy!

  8. Colorado looks fantastic very flat yes but the adobe buildings are up their on the list of dwelling types Id like to live in I was only looking at this one the other day and dreaming

    Thanks for sharing pics from your trip

    Helen x


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