Saturday, September 8, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Swim

The drawing challenge this week - 'Swim' - was brought to us by the talented Rachel over at Hi Happy Panda.  As a Pisces, the watery theme intrigued me.  
'Sink or Swim' - acrylic collage on paper; 9"x12"
One of my most vivid swimming memories is of a time on the Columbia River at the Tri-Cities in Washington State.  In the August heat, I took a dare and leaped from the shady bank into the snaky brown water, a living creature roiling past.  The water was cold but so refreshing.  I felt the current grab me and sensed the depth of the river - a thrilling and wonderful experience!
I hope I get the chance to jump into a deep river again some day. 


  1. you've conveyed the fluidity and translucency of cool refreshing water so well

  2. the layers and depth on your drawing actually translate that dive for me, you know? and a little/a lot daring it was, your experience! and i think i like both: swim, and then the sinking feeling...

    it seems to me we all have swimming memories a-plenty, which makes me smile so. i miss swimming. the chlorine pool is far, far away, and anyway, i am bl** rusty...

  3. ' a thrilling and wonderful experience' and you kept it alive deep inside, that's clear when i look at your work, refreshing blue,happy yellows, a strongely felt emotion put onto paper beautifully, x

  4. yes a strong piece of work
    I can feel the depth of the water
    the sinking feeling...
    and on the other hand
    those colors are refreshing

    nice, nice work!

  5. I like the sense of depth in your image, and how that relates to the deep waters... lovely.

  6. wonderful blue - I can look to the ground of this deep river...
    :-) mano

  7. Ah, well ... you need a lot of heat to dare jump in a cold big river/sea over there .....
    You jumped right in(to the drawing) and came up with something beautiful, mrs Fish !

  8. I like your very unique painting, there so much energy and mysterious about it and your and the view has to wand and must seek to discover the inexplicable. Very special!
    xo Barbara
    Have a nice sunday

  9. Hi Sus.....brrrrr your blues are just as cold as the Columbia River I remember swimming in while on family camping trips! The Columbia River travels a long way through BC before it gets to Washington and I don't think it ever really warms up!
    I hope you get to jump into another deep blue river someday! xo

  10. Hi Sus, Your collage is so beautiful, I find blue is a tricky color to use--I'm a recovering blue addict--but you've balanced it wonderfully.

    I think you love swimming as much as I do! I got to do it today btw :)

  11. WOW. wow, wow, wow!!!!! Those crosses reappearing in your art...those circles [bubbles] and the hands. It's downright spiritual to me, art friend. Can't say enough how I love it to bits, bits, bits. Wow, wow. wow. Talk soon, Norma, xo


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