Wednesday, September 5, 2012


detail, acrylic collage on paper
Years ago my parents and I took a trip to Paris in celebration of my newly-minted MFA degree - a once-in-a-lifetime trip which I will always treasure in my heart.  Among the many memories, our visit to the Musee Picasso stands out for the epiphany I had there regarding art making. 
'The Trumpet Shall Sound' - acrylic collage on paper, 9"x12"
As we wandered through the extensive collection of the Great Man's work, I realized that it didn't matter if my work never sold or received any public recognition at all, but rather that the MAKING was the thing.  The joy of creating is enough.  Huzzah!  Epiphany!
'Vessel' - acrylic collage on paper, 9"x12"

Grrl + Dog has a brilliant post this week on the same topic. Ever had a maker's epiphany?  I would love to hear about it.  Happy making, all!


  1. I had a similar epiphany recently, when I gave up trying to sell my work. Now I just make it for myself. I have a lot more freedom now...although motivation is often cooler these days despite the fact that ideas are bubbling constantly. Enjoy the rest of your week. xo

  2. Sus, I can see that you are enjoying working with paint again! So much energy and excitement showing on these paintings.

    An epiphany for me was "when I realized my paintings are a gift from me to them to see and enjoy".

    Another is that my painting hanging in someone's home makes their home and life more enjoyable".

    Happy days to you. xo Carole

  3. yes Sus and the joy of creating is so obvious here, me too i love the energy in your work.

    painting and creating has brought and brings me so much, i can express myself, it helped me finding solutions and insights, every work is like a new adventure, and like Carole said, others can feel good or touched in a way looking at it.
    you can create or try to whatever you want, there are no limits or fixed rules.

    keep having joy creating Sus, i like looking at it, x

  4. Smart you, to realize that so early on. You have to make the work for yourself, first of all. The rest is icing on the cake :)

  5. the joy of creating IS enough
    I went to Paris with my mum to celebrate my 40th
    we kept saying it was trip of a lifetime, now I say, "next time I'm in Paris I want to..."

  6. Tapping into that early inspiration just because its what you love to do..... and it shows...beautiful.


  7. Hi, Sus. Great post and I love the artwork with which you illustrated it. Makes me want to go back to Paris and appreciate it more now that I have the wisdom (hopefully) to do so.
    best, nadia

  8. dear sus, i am very touched by your beautiful swim-dc-paintings and the story behind that!! uhhuuaaa, brown river water.... you are smart!
    this post here is touching me deeply too. love the paintings and still have to learn and celebrate, that all that doing and creating is for ourselves and that we don't have to do the housework first;) xx julia


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