Saturday, September 29, 2012

Drawing Challenge: Mandala

On my list: make a gift for an ill friend and make a mandala for the Drawing Challenge.  Serendipity!  Creating a healing mandala became the order of the day.
'Mandala for A Friend' - 7.25"x6"; acrylic and paper collage on watercolor paper
Many thanks to blogland's dear tiny woolf for the challenge of the week.  Make sure you head over to her most interesting blog where many more mandalas are whirling.


  1. such clever serendipity indeed. i hope your friend gets better well, this colourful healing mandala will help. my eye is specifically drawn to the hands! i wonder why. your piece makes me long to go collaging too...
    thanks for playing, sus!

  2. This is lovely, Sus! The hands appear to be moving in a circular motion reminding me of a healing massage. xo Carole

  3. wonderful healing mandala. and yes. i feel the good energy!

  4. great mandala
    makes me feel better too!
    there is light shining in the middle
    soothes my sore head
    thank you!

  5. A beautiful mandala combining healing hands and loving hearts for your friend. Hope she soon feels better.

  6. This is very lovely, wonderful colours and I like the newspaper background and this will cure your friend instantly.
    xo Barbara

  7. Sus there are so many layered lovelies here. The colors are so delicate and I'd love to sit by you to see it in person and ask you questions. There must be symbolic meanings here galore. That is what it seems like to me in any event. I like this a lot. And there are those crosses that I adore in your work. This is an awesome creative healing mandala and I hope that your friend will be well soon. Hugs, Norma, xo

  8. Wonderful healing energy here. So very beautiful.I love the hands:)

  9. Oh, this is a nice mandala, lots of good energy inside!
    I love the newspaper background.
    May I invite you to the next drawing challenge?
    All the best to you and to your friend as well,
    x Stefanie

  10. Sweet!
    Best wishes to your friend!

    Liked your rainbow comment :)

  11. deeply beautiful and poetic..this is full of wonderful energy!

  12. I love your Mandala, it's so beautiful and I can see that you put a lot of love in it, I hope it helps your friend. And I hope you had a good time making it, it sure looks like it!
    I wish you a good week and thanks for stopping by my blog!

  13. ladders are taking me into the heart of your mandala and than there are caressing hands and the warmth of summerday,or candlelight on a quiet night, powerful Sus, x

  14. what a beautiful mandala! I love the color, the motion, and strong focal point. My eye goes right to the start and moves out in a whirl.
    Lovely layers and softness to this healing piece.


  15. so beautiful dear sus!! I love the colours and the healing hands very much! I think your friend will feel better soon! :-) mano

  16. Really touching, dear Sus.
    Your healing mandala has got healing energy. Wonderful colours round out this.


  17. lovely piece
    the hands are wonderful
    a sweet gift indeed

  18. Hi, Sus. Really love your mandala. Lately pinks seem very attractive to me, they're calling to me. Can't explain it...Also liked your acrylic collages in the previous post. Beautiful.


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