Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Details: Fiberactions

Fiberactions Challenge, Color Challenge 9:  Use at least three colors of food in your kitchen
Proposed by Kathy Sperino
Reveal Date ~ May 15, 2013 

A couple years ago I was invited to join an on-line fiber artists group and have enjoyed participating in our bi-monthly challenges.  This time the exercise involved using colors of food as our palette.

I wrote a list and dragged out the scrap bag looking for celery, avocado, pimento, green pepper, red pepper, and lemon.

Then I came across a 'failed' monoprint done on a piece of hand-dyed cotton back in February or March.  The pale overlay of zinc white acrylic reminded me of skim milk.  The image seemed to hold possibilities I hadn't seen when I first pulled the print.


  Soon I had my scraps assembled using curved piecing techniques, and got ready to machine quilt layered up on two pieces of felt. 


'Foggy' 16.75"x11"
The edges are bound with zigzag stitches over rat tail cording. As I finished the piece, I realized that the palette ended up reminding me far more of moldy food colors than the fresh vegetables originally intended!

Over at the Fiberactions Blog today you can see how the other members dealt with this challenge.


  1. I absolutely love this piece, sus!

  2. ha that's funny- (the moldy food part) maybe it is more a fall harvest...
    I adore it! so rich and textural right up my alley!

  3. Oh my gosh Sus! This kills me. So great to see the houses and crosses. Now I'm going to search for ladders. Norma, x

  4. You're right, Sus, the colors of the final product do resemble the long forgotten peanut butter and jelly sandwich I pulled from my pack -- but still it's a beautiful piece of artwork. Next time I forget a sandwich, I'll have to photograph it for artistic inspiration.

  5. Sus: I saw the piece at the art show. It's incredible. The photo above is wonderful, but to see the real thing -- wow. I wish your blog members could see it "in person" too.

  6. VERY interesting abstract, and the best is when something 'old' becomes 'new' and meaningful :). Quality work.

  7. BEAUTIFUL - oh so beautiful. I wish I could see it in person. I love your colours!

  8. Hi, Sus. Well, of course, I LUV this piece. Enjoyed seeing your process and the interesting elements that came into this. And thanks for stopping by my blog so often and with such encouragement. It's much appreciated.
    best, nadia


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