Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The last couple days have been full of glorious sunshine, making the afternoon walk a real pleasure.  After being cooped up for 8 hours in the Mighty Mighty Day Job, Flossy and I really enjoy heading up one of the local logging roads for a ramble.

I keep my walking shoes in my truck so we can stop on the way home at the Twin Creek Road.
Flossy leads the way up 'Maniac Mountain' (Falls Creek Road)
Skunk Cabbage is flourishing now...

...and all the little streams are bubbling and sparkling as they come down the mountain.

Tiny yellow violets are abundant.
This Blue Jay played a game of hide and seek with us as I tried to snap his portrait.

Those incredible blue feathers are a real forest standout!
Coming down off Twin Creek Road, the view up the Narrows is spectacular.

Also making the week a treat: Kim's give-away gift arrived in my post office box!  

I absolutely love this necklace!  Thank you, Kim!


  1. Oh so great Sus! Lovely sights from your world of beauty. And then to come home and find this treasure from Kim. Perfectly blissful I'd say. Isn't Kim's work wonderful! Talk soon, N, xo

  2. I saw years ago, little yellow violets in the south of my country (maybe you heard about Bariloche) i did believe that only in that place they grow, but now i see your pic and i realice how small is the our world!!!! :)

  3. Hello Sus! It's so green and fresh in your parts of the world and mine. Spring surrounds us! What a clever idea having you walking shoes with you in your car. I always keep bags (for beachcombing) and a blanket (for beach or forest sitting) in the back of our car. You never know when theirs something to see along the way. Lucky you to receive Kim's beautiful work. Have a good week! xo Carole

  4. Wonderful is Good :-)

  5. I so enjoyed my ramble through your pictures in your beautiful part of the world, not so very far away from mine. I am glad the little gift made it to you. It had to travel all the way down to Washington I believe before it could make its way north again! And yes so nice to have some warmth and sunshine (although our leaves have still not arrived .... perhaps next week though!)

  6. It is so glorious outside that it is hard to choose what to do first! We were grateful for the gift of a flightseeing tour from a friend. Magical!

  7. nice to see you have a proper taste of Spring dear Sus,
    skunk cabbage!? does it smell strange, it is beautiful,so is the blue jay and Kim's necklace, enjoy it all, xx

  8. i love seeing the splashes of color (flowers, birds) amongst your green photos.

    such a special necklace! enjoy.


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