Sunday, May 12, 2013

Drawing Challenge: Smell

I have heard that of the five senses, our sense of smell is the most evocative of memory.   Who has not experienced being swept back in time on a memory aroma?  Here are some of my most favorite scents in no particular order, and illustrations of two.  


Burning leaves
Oil paint and turpentine

Morning coffee
Cottonwood trees

A certain dirt road near Helena Montana, July 1985
Inside of an old trunk
Our woods in spring

Wood smoke
Baking bread

My Sailor’s skin

Our hostess for this olfactory Drawing Challenge is Barbara.  Hope you will be lured by the excellent artistic aroma interpretations emanating from her always amazing blog.


  1. Yes to all (with assumption on the sailor's part). Thanks for mentioning oil paint and turpentine - I thought I might be alone in that pleasure.

  2. Hi sus, your list of best of smells is very unique and I like, that there a few individuell in between and I can really smell those yummi smelling little rolls - delicious ah together with a nice cup of coffee on a terasse after a thunderstorm - pur heaven.
    Thanks for participating!

  3. Dear Sus,
    I agree with Sue...
    and I like very much your Thunder Storm... the lines of the landscape.. the colours and rhythm, the cloud and the heavy rain (please see at Nadeschda's what it makes it smelling afterwards!).

    Love... xo Ariane

  4. Yesterday it had been 23 deg. C. all day, overcast with no rain. Around 5 p.m. as I was walking home, it began to sprinkle with rain. Just a light dusting. It disturbed the dirt in the garden and roadways. That smell is definetely in my top five rating. You reminded me of it with this post. Thank you for that. My imagination can smell the dirt road near Helena Montana. Love your list. N, xo
    p.s. I must have something fresh baked today.

  5. The rainstorm yesterday was so strongly scented of freshness and spring that it hit me too! And cottonwood trees. . . oh yes!! That immediately transports me to a skiff making it's way up the Taku River in spring.

    I would add to your list new baby smell, raspberries, a ponderosa pine forest on a hot day, campfires, lemon and oregano together, bee balm and the smell of a warm iron on freshly washed sheets.

  6. What wonderful smells you have shared! I must be hungry as I am sure I can smell those wonderful buns! YUMMMM!

  7. Yes! so many good smells you've mentioned and I adore your cloud- the colors and texture just lovely and who couldn't resist fresh bread!

  8. rain and bread. yes! two scents that brewed up in my head and nose too.
    i'm also fascinated by your dirt road, it could suit me fine; followed by the burning of the leaves and the smell of the cottonwood trees. thank you!

  9. my sailor´s skin - I love that!
    beautiful and rich post, so interesting to know you a little bit more.
    May I invite you to the next d.c.?
    Would be a pleasure for me!
    x Stefanie

  10. You've got very special scent, like these !

  11. Oh, fresh baked bread, your sailor's skin...wonderful!
    I also love the smell of summer rain, so different from autumn and winter rain, earth is breathing afterwards and flowers and plants, even the streets smell so intense!
    Apropos...hard raining here, nearly similar to your drawing, only without thunderstorm and summer smell... ;o))

  12. fresh baked bread rolls
    rain and thunder
    and your sailor's skin
    hmmm... i like it all
    specially the last one
    because i have a sailor too

  13. Your list awakens my olfactory senses in a wonderful way this AM.

  14. wood smoke,it has something peaceful, relaxing, so has fresh baked bread, thunderstorm...exciting,
    the skin of the one you love has it all and more...
    lovely post , xx

  15. hmmm ...the scent of baked goods everywhere in the house ... and yes ... coffee ♥ and very interesting the other smells of your list. it inspired me to start a scent list...

  16. Wonderful scent list.I love them all. There are soo many more aren't there? I love wood smoke I the fall.


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