Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bright Blossoms and Recent Paintings

The woods have bloomed in earnest the past week under the influence of long sunny days.  These salmon berry flowers behind our house caught my camera eye.

I think we can expect a good crop of berries later this summer.  I like to eat salmon berries with shortcake and whipped cream.  They also make a workmanlike jelly if mixed with a stronger flavored juice like apple or raspberry.

Now I want to give you a glimpse of two new paintings: 
'City on the Hill' (working title) acrylic and paper on canvas, approx. 18"x24"

'Fan' (working title) acrylic and paper on watercolor paper, approx. 22"x34"
The spring weather has put these efforts on the back burner as it is now warm enough to dye in my studio!  
I mixed up Procion colors on Monday, after drawing and printing with thickened black dye on dry, soda-soaked cotton for three days.

A big panel, covered with plastic to cure until my next studio day tomorrow.
  I can't wait to get back there tomorrow, but for now Flossy and I are off to the Mighty Mighty Day Job.  Happy day to all!


  1. Love the paintings! Love those beautiful salmonberry flowers! Love that you're so productive these days! Have a great rest of the week, sus. xo

  2. I like this a lot, but I have no idea how you do it, you do not use brushes? you dye your fabric with aniline?
    the result is excellent.

  3. ah, sus! these paintings!!!

    smiling that you've had sun and are now having flowers... : )


  4. I'm in love with everything you have posted here. What paintings they are! Delights!
    i never realized that the salmon berry flowers were so beautiful. Glad this wonderful sun has been reaching you down theretoo.

  5. Love the salmon berry flowers, great colour !
    Mmmmmm , your paintings
    Good luck with the dyeing
    (will the panel stay, or will you cut it up ....?)

  6. Wow Sus! Brilliant colour on the berries and doesn't the softer greens set it off so brilliantly. It's like the diamond in a ring and the background is the setting. I admire your fabric art. It's Chinese to me (in terms of my not understanding the mechanics,) and I love it so. *smiles* N, x

  7. who is busy, he? i fantasize about colour dying, will get to it in time, i'm sure.
    so, why are those berries called salmon? are they salmony pink perhaps, when they're ripe? i really wonder. they do not taste of salmon, though do they? mind you. why not?
    also, i like that word workmanlike. do you mean sturdy?

  8. wow great paintings! so full of life and wonder. You've got a really beautiful pallet.
    And I'm so curious about the fabric and dying...more please :)

  9. these berries-flowers are really beautiful! and I think, you are very busy! love your paintings! :) mano

  10. flowers
    and dying fabric for art
    wonderful ways to fill life
    they are a joy to see


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