Saturday, May 18, 2013

Lover of Horses (Philip) - DC

When I was a kid, I was a lover of horses. 

Day and night, they filled my mind.

I wanted a horse of my own more than anything.

On the playground, we pretended. In every game, every play: horses!
 Buckskin, Palomino, Pinto, Paint.

Using jump ropes as reigns, we rode wild and free - 

one girl a horse and one girl a rider, across the grass we ran.

For this week's Drawing Challenge, Stefanie presented us with Philip - or fillip.  I found myself remembering girlhood days on the outskirts of Denver, a very horsey place at the time.  I chose to make a little practice 'X' book on the man's name version of our theme: Phillip, meaning 'lover of horses'.  I am so looking forward to getting over to Stefanie's place to see how other Challengers have addressed this intriguing double-topic.  

I am riding over there now, won't you join me?


  1. what a goRgeous silhouette. and i love your little hoRsegiRl-stoRy, too. Really nice giRlsstuff.
    pleased to meet you. käthe.

  2. exceptional way of cutting a silhouette! how clever is this? philip will be happy! ;)))

    i fell in love with black beauty, but that was really because i was small and fell in love with anything. i am afraid of horses, find them outstandingly beautiful, but am quite afraid of them.

  3. Dear Susan, this is so fantastic with its color, its details, wow!
    I am happy about what you created here for the d.c.
    Every weekend a great pleasure to see our different ways and to get to know each other.
    Thank you for sharing and playing
    x Stefanie

  4. a lover of horses
    i was like that too when i was a child!
    that first image, those two faces
    sweet memories ;^))

    Patrice A.

  5. a beauty Sus!! marvellous idea, super nice created, this is a design with potential no doubt.

    when being little i had a few small bad encounters with horses, later i found out it was my own great fear which caused them and things changed, they are beautiful in every sense.


  6. oh! how beautiful is that? a magical little book ♥

  7. i love what you did with this
    there is something about your beautifully cut out heads that made me want to know the story ~

  8. Sus: You've "painted" a wonderful poetic image of your growing up. You've taken us to a beautiful place and time. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Hi Susan, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!
    I loved it!
    really you have had a good fillip!
    is a small work of art!

  10. Oh for crying [whinyying] out loud Sus you are killing with your brilliant books. Please, please, please do not stop making them. They are just getting better and better. This is killer man! Just love it and wish with all of my might that I could be just playing alongside you learning how to make these treasures. Maybe you'll do a mini tut one of these days?? *smiles* Norma, x

  11. Wow what another wonderful booklet you made! and that colour! just wonderful and a little bit funny! I loved horses the way you did and I wanted one of my own, I can really relate to your story!

  12. I too was/am a lover of horses! and your little book is magic!! the color jumps out and makes me want to see more of the story and I love how it opens to stand up on it's own!!

  13. What a great idea! I was a horse loving girl too and your sweet book object brings me right back to my childhood. Me, lying in my bed dreaming of these great animals! Love, Meike ♥

  14. Great little booklet Sus !
    (have been studying how you did it ...
    think I kind of figured it out ... but I must
    try to really be sure ;-) !)

  15. ha!
    new theme is up
    will you join?....

  16. Hi sus, this is totally awesome, such a wonderful great little book.
    As most little girls a was crazy about horses too ;)

  17. S*P*E*C*T*A*C*U*L*A*R*!!!!
    This is so beautiful Sus!! I love the book, I love the words, I can envision the little girl that was crazy about horses.

  18. I'm so tickled I got to see this in person. Your cut paper pieces are magical and clever, and this one so personal as well!


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