Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer Visions

I have been busy as heck putting together my proposals for public art for the new Petersburg Public Library, creating mail art for exchange with Connie Rose (it's in the mail, Connie), and enjoying summer in Southeast Alaska.  Since I can't show you either of the first two efforts yet, I will share photos of our walk from Friday and this afternoon. 

Friday was ridiculously stressful but mid-afternoon I called a halt to the craziness, asked myself what would give me joy the rest of the day, went back to the studio from which I had been called away on a fools errand, gathered my things and retreated to the quiet of my home on the beach.
I sat in my rocking chair by the sunny window with a glass of ice tea and finished the novel I was reading.  Then Flossy and I...
went out the road for the afternoon walk.
The clouds were amazing, flying across the blue...

...throwing shadows dramatically across the landscape.

The Slough was a mill pond - the variety of blues struck me.

 This afternoon we went on a picnic with dear friends to Sandy Beach.  (Every town in Southeast Alaska has a place called 'Sandy Beach').
 After the fabulous food, we went for a walk along the nice trail through the beach fringe. 
 We met a big old Tree fellow.  He was very friendly - see all the hearts around him?
This exposed root has developed a beautiful verdigris palette.
Shy Maiden is the name of this tiny flower, I was told.  Thanks for visiting - hope your new week is starting out splendid!


  1. These are Cool shots Sus!

  2. What a great way to turn a day your way- love it! Makes me want to do the same- I fell so many days are filled with "fools errands" :)

  3. it has been a long time since i have seen a shy maiden, so lovely.
    SE Alaska reminds me a bit of my area NW Montana. so beautiful to see your day.

  4. You're a wise woman, Sus ! You did the best on Friday ;-)
    That walk ! See why you thought of tall pine trees in a landscape !
    Oh WOW, that tree stump ... it's alive, I'm sure of it !!!
    Please look at Rima's last post please ....

    Your tree stump could easily be in one of those drawings ..... !!!!

  5. beautiful!! I would like to have a sandy beach near by my home!
    :-) mano

  6. Sus: You've certainly captured the flavor of a wonderful summer day.


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