Sunday, October 27, 2013

Autum Colors and Lou Reed

The day was cool and crisp, perfect for the afternoon walk.

 Our summer of sunshine has yielded a brilliant palette of color to the leaves this autumn.  I walked up the 40,000 Road with Flossy and my camera.   
Thiis little fern makes me think of a ladder (of course).

 The sun is lower and lower in the sky as we slide toward the end of another year.

The days and days of rain have left diamonds on the tiny plants by the side of the logging road.
Early this morning, our Daughter texted me the news that Lou Reed has died.  The Velvet Underground was the soundtrack of my life at one period.  I mourn the passing of this poet of Punk. 

 'there are problems in these times, but none of them are mine'
'Beginning to See the Light' - Lou Reed
1942 - 2013

See you in the Light, Lou.


  1. Beautifully spoken - and beautiful photographs, have a good week even if it's a sad start to it <3

  2. wonderful pictures and your homage to lou read is great with this beautiful light-photo. In my youth I was a fan of velvet underground too!
    I miss flossy... ;-) !
    ♥ mano

  3. Thank you for the photos. Beautiful.

  4. Yes Sus, you sure take (took) your walk on the wild side ;-)

  5. B E A U T I F U L <3

  6. Beautiful colors... and, Lou is on the other wild side now.

  7. beautiful homage to Lou Reed, his music will live on.
    your 'ladder' makes me smile Sus, xx

  8. Best time of year Sus for range of colour! Love it and the pics capture the variety so well!

  9. and thinking more .... Perfect Day - one of my favourite songs!


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